Monday, October 8, 2012

2 Weeks, Eh?

Sorry for that, I was really busy. First I had to volunteer at Frederick's Oktober Fest.

As you can see I was working at the pretzels stand, and my boss was my sister which was not that bad. Also last week I had a bad experience with my teacher . I don't want to be pointing names so I'm going to disguise their names. Here is what happened, we were working on this project, and this guy named Mr. Poop was making very annoying noises. So then everyone was annoyed and started making the noises to annoy Mr. Poop. So everybody was just making noises and the teacher said "Quiet down now", but no one did. So instead of seeing Mr. Poop doing it she said that that I was doing it even though I hated that voice. I told her the truth but she insisted that it was me. So the punishment was a phone call home. When I told my parents the truth, they understood but teachers can't!

And this week you ask? Well it's pretty boring but I'll tell you anyways. This week there was a walkie talkie in the bathroom and when I was about to brush my teeth... IT RANDOMLY GAVE ME FEEDBACK!!!
So yeah that's all that has happened.

See ya'll next time, eh?