Monday, October 8, 2012

2 Weeks, Eh?

Sorry for that, I was really busy. First I had to volunteer at Frederick's Oktober Fest.

As you can see I was working at the pretzels stand, and my boss was my sister which was not that bad. Also last week I had a bad experience with my teacher . I don't want to be pointing names so I'm going to disguise their names. Here is what happened, we were working on this project, and this guy named Mr. Poop was making very annoying noises. So then everyone was annoyed and started making the noises to annoy Mr. Poop. So everybody was just making noises and the teacher said "Quiet down now", but no one did. So instead of seeing Mr. Poop doing it she said that that I was doing it even though I hated that voice. I told her the truth but she insisted that it was me. So the punishment was a phone call home. When I told my parents the truth, they understood but teachers can't!

And this week you ask? Well it's pretty boring but I'll tell you anyways. This week there was a walkie talkie in the bathroom and when I was about to brush my teeth... IT RANDOMLY GAVE ME FEEDBACK!!!
So yeah that's all that has happened.

See ya'll next time, eh?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

One week, eh?

Since school came, homework has been taking up my free time. So I don't have time to blog. I am now going to blog every week unless there is a holiday or no school.

See ya next week, eh?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Lazy, eh?

I am lazy. The reason why the blog hasn't been updating is because I'm LAZY. I don't do anything other than play Minecraft.

This already happened, and I'm not letting it happen again!

OH YEAH! Me and my friends are making this animation from this comic we're working on. I'll show ya next time. This is the main character Tim.

He might have these colors. Were still working on it. Tell me if you like it!

See ya'll next time, eh?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rick Roll, eh?

You probably know what this is. Well if you don't know, it's someone who tricks you on YouTube by telling you its _____ video when its not. What happens in the video is Rick Astley singing Never Going to Give You Up.

So it's pretty annoying because when you're looking for the right video this just pops up. It gets me so angry!

So when your looking for videos make sure they're legit!

see ya'll next time, eh?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crocs, eh?

I really don't like Crocs. They're just really weird to look at. I'm not saying that it's wrong, well actually, it might be wrong to wear Croc's. Just look at them!

Well it might not cause an apocalypse, but it's still weird. It's okay for children to wear them, but when adults wear them, that's too far.

So for you adults that don't wear Crocs, good job!

See ya'll next time, eh?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Gangnam Style, eh?

A few days ago I found this song called Gangnam Style. Its pretty weird. Listen to it yourself!


Pretty weird, eh? For some reason I found it on my recommended videos. I really like it because it makes me want to dance.

Anyways, yesterday I just got back from this camping trip in Rocky Gap. We also went fishing!
But we didn't get any fish. Instead, the fish got the bait but not the hook.

Also the bathroom wasn't bad until I saw a spider.

So sorry for not posting for the last 2 weeks. I promise that I will get those comics in and keep on blogging
see ya'll next time, eh? 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cool Drummer, eh?

Today we found this cool Korean drummer on my father's blog and it's really cool. Check it out!


Cool, eh?

Also check out papa's blog here.

What's weird about this video is that no one is laughing or, well, doing anything. Maybe it's normal.

See ya next time, eh?

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Omelet, eh?

This morning I just made my first omelet! My favorite sister taught me. She has also been helping me design my blog. You can find her here. It was as easy as childbirth! But it was worth it, and when I finally sunk my teeth in that thing, it was delicious!

#1. I had to crack 2 eggs.

#2. I had to whisk the eggs and put salt in it.

#3.I got some vegetable oil and poured just a little in the pan, but not too much.

#4.I put the egg on the pan.

#5.Then I cooked it for a while, and then I got the cheese and sprinkled it on one half of the egg.

#6.Then I flipped the other side onto the cheesy part and got a plate and put it on the plate.

And then I was done! Oh yeah, I also ate it with white rice and a hot dog! You should try it too!

I will maybe get some comics in tomorrow. See ya next time, eh?

Weird, eh?

Last night we were cleaning the house. While we were cleaning, my Mother had to take out the recycling. She told me to check on her so she wouldn't get mama-napped, but while we were outside we heard an argument going on. So my Mama had an idea. We ran upstairs and turned off the lights and stalked them through the window!

It was really intense! We thought later there would be a fist fight! It was really scary!

We heard a lot of bad words that night. It was absolutely ridiculous! And there was this one girl going back in the house and back out! There were tears in that house. Who won you ask? We don't really know but it looked like our neighbor won because her opponent drove off crying.

I still didn't learn how to use the scanner but I know how to use a camera so if you look in my "About Me" page you can see some of my uploaded drawings. See ya next time eh?

Monday, July 30, 2012

How do ya use a scanner, Eh?

Ugggggggg... I just drew something and I want to put it on the blog. And I was super excited too! Except I don't know how to use this scanner thing that scans my drawing and puts it on the computer. And now I'm really angry!

So now I'm angry at our scanner, and I'm also angry that it looks like it's going to rain because I want to swim.

Well I drank some Mountain Dew and chewed on some gum, and now I'm feeling better. Actually, I'm feeling great, I'm feeling wonderful!! 

Hope I can figure out how to use the scanner, eh? See ya next time!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Who likes spinach on pizza, eh?

Today I was really excited to draw and make my first post, but instead I went swimming and ate pizza.

My favorite is cheese!

Looks better from afar :P

     But we didn't get cheese. Instead we got spinach Alfredo...

  At least we got to go swimming, and also we bought a river raft to ride on.

Wooo yeah!!!
Hopefully I can make you a hand drawn blog post soon. I didn't have time to draw a comic strip today so I used Paint instead.

I'm having a great time blogging! See ya next time, eh?