Sunday, July 29, 2012

Who likes spinach on pizza, eh?

Today I was really excited to draw and make my first post, but instead I went swimming and ate pizza.

My favorite is cheese!

Looks better from afar :P

     But we didn't get cheese. Instead we got spinach Alfredo...

  At least we got to go swimming, and also we bought a river raft to ride on.

Wooo yeah!!!
Hopefully I can make you a hand drawn blog post soon. I didn't have time to draw a comic strip today so I used Paint instead.

I'm having a great time blogging! See ya next time, eh?


  1. i had fun reading your blog , eh!

  2. So did you like the spinach in your pizza, eh?

  3. makalingaw! liwat jud ka sa imong mama!

  4. Good job Doy! I had fun reading and enjoy looking at your drawing! Love it!