Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Omelet, eh?

This morning I just made my first omelet! My favorite sister taught me. She has also been helping me design my blog. You can find her here. It was as easy as childbirth! But it was worth it, and when I finally sunk my teeth in that thing, it was delicious!

#1. I had to crack 2 eggs.

#2. I had to whisk the eggs and put salt in it.

#3.I got some vegetable oil and poured just a little in the pan, but not too much.

#4.I put the egg on the pan.

#5.Then I cooked it for a while, and then I got the cheese and sprinkled it on one half of the egg.

#6.Then I flipped the other side onto the cheesy part and got a plate and put it on the plate.

And then I was done! Oh yeah, I also ate it with white rice and a hot dog! You should try it too!

I will maybe get some comics in tomorrow. See ya next time, eh?


  1. Good for you Doy! Can't wait for the next blog. Can I have some for my breakfast?

  2. good job little cousin! miss and love you :) come visit me in college ;)