Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weird, eh?

Last night we were cleaning the house. While we were cleaning, my Mother had to take out the recycling. She told me to check on her so she wouldn't get mama-napped, but while we were outside we heard an argument going on. So my Mama had an idea. We ran upstairs and turned off the lights and stalked them through the window!

It was really intense! We thought later there would be a fist fight! It was really scary!

We heard a lot of bad words that night. It was absolutely ridiculous! And there was this one girl going back in the house and back out! There were tears in that house. Who won you ask? We don't really know but it looked like our neighbor won because her opponent drove off crying.

I still didn't learn how to use the scanner but I know how to use a camera so if you look in my "About Me" page you can see some of my uploaded drawings. See ya next time eh?


  1. This reminds me the olden days when your mom and I stalked our neighbors through the windows with lights off.